Buchi Data System bds-md
The bds-md system is a low cost display of process data for Buchi laboratory Autoclaves or ChemReactors.
It is available as 3 channel or 2 channel version and can display reactor temperature, reactor pressure and stirrer speed.

Technical Data



Pressure Speed
Range -50...+250ºC

0...16 bar
0...60 bar
0...100 bar
0...400 bar

20...2500 Rpm
Resolution 0.1ºC 0.1 bar 1.0 Rpm
Sensor Pt100 RTD Transducer Hall switch
Display LED 7 segment, 8mm, red
Memory min./max. memory for each parameter
Channels minimum 2, maximum 3
Power 90...240VAC, 50/ 60 Hz
Options channel configuration with 2x temp. & 1x rpm etc. (minimum 2 channels)
Dimensions approx. WxDxH 160x230x110 mm / 6.3x9.1x4.3"




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