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Chem Reactors for Cryogenic Operation down to -85�C

We can now offer our Chem Reactors with Tycon low temperature glass lined steel reactors. Tycon has developed a special design using fine-grain carbon steel as base material for the glass lining, allowing  operating temperatures down to -85�C. This technology offers very competitive pricing compared to other manufacturers which are still using stainless steel as base material.



All components in contact with the media are manufactured from inert material like PTFE, PFA, PEEK, Kalrez or Borosilicate glass. Various glass vessels with optional drain valve/vacuum jacket can be fitted to the cover plate. The integrated polycarbonate sliding door provides full operator safety when working with glass pressure vessels.


Buchi Polyclave Pressure Reactor 
The successor of the famous BEP280 pressure reactor. It offers more convenient operation than ever.
  • Quick release closure
  • Manual lift
  • Choice of 4 different drives
  • 4 vessel types, glass or metal
  • 0.25...3.0 liters
  • 0...60 bar / 870 psig, -50...+250�C
  • Many options



Huber Heating/Cooling Units

Ideal for scale-up from lab to production.
  • Minimum mass and powerful machines allow for exceptionally fast heating and cooling rates
  • -90�C...+200�C with the same heat transfer fluid - no messy changes necessary
  • Hydraulically sealed system - no fumes, spillage or moisture absorption
  • Environmentally friendly cooling


Genser Fully Automated Rotary Evaporator

Powervap_small.jpg (1066375 bytes)

5 times more powerful than ordinary rotary evaporator employing the same size flask.
  • Automatic filling and draining of flask
  • Automatic draining of receiver
  • Pre-determined concentration
  • Computer controlled reflux
  • Patented pendulum system
  • Unattended continuous operation


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