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Welcome to the Chemical Transfer Partnership (CTP) Corporation website. CTP is the representative in the United States and Canada of Buchi AG, Genser and Huber.

Buchi AG manufactures glass pilot plant and pressure reactors that can be utilized under a variety of extreme conditions. These reactors are available in small or large scale, which makes them ideal for any prospective scale up. Buchi has the ability to manufacture equipment using almost any material including Hastelloy C, titanium and tantalum. Buchi�s flexibility makes them the ultimate solution for your R&D and pilot plant needs.

Huber offers a large variety of Heaters and Chillers to accommodate any possible temperature requirements.  They offer basic, manual small scale models to fully automated control systems for the most complex needs.  From -120�C to 400�C Huber has the perfect unit for your laboratory or Pilot Plant.

Rotary Evaporators by Genser Scientific Instruments, a unique company that brings you a fully automated Rotary Evaporator, which CTP now represents.  With a pendulum design for the floating rotating flask, reduces mechanical stresses, which results in a safe and powerful distillation process. The POWER VAP offers 5 times the performance of a standard rotary evaporator employing the same size rotating flask.

Buchi, Genser and Huber all have outstanding reputations worldwide for their equipment and service for more than 40 years. For more on these companies and details on the equipment we offer please visit their websites at
www.buchiglas.ch, www.huber-usa.com and www.genser.de . In conjunction with these companies, we hope to continue this tradition of excellence.

Should you have any questions in regard to the equipment shown or something special you may have in mind, please allow our knowledgeable staff to assist you at any time by contacting us via e-mail ctp@ctpbuchi.com, phone 631-912-2300 or fax 631-912-0899.


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