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Buchi Data System bds-sc

" Modular Instrumentation Technology "

The bds-sc system consists of individual modules designed for smooth interaction. The system can be configured to address the specific requirements of the user. Each module measures one parameter. This minimizes the total investment in instrumentation because no costs are incurred for unneeded measurement capabilities.
The bds-sc measures, displays and records process sequences in the laboratory. Each instrument has a digital display for the value it monitors; it also has two user definable limit values and generates an audible alarm if the monitored value exceeds or drops below the set point.
Up to 12 units can be connected to the serial interface of a PC. With a software package all information can be logged into a PC and stored for further evaluation with standard spread sheet software such as Excel.

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Available Models

bds-sc Temp. Pressure Torque Speed pH
Range -50...+250�C 0...16 bar
0...60 bar
0...100 bar
0...400 bar
0...300 Ncm
0...800 Ncm
20...2500 Rpm 0...14 pH
Resolution 0.1�C 0.1 bar 1.0 Ncm 1.0 Rpm 0.1 pH
Sensor Pt100 RTD Transducer Strain gauge Hall switch Combination
Output 0/4...20mA
Interface RS-232 serial
Alarms 2 up/down alarm values, linked to relay contacts
Power 115V/230V, 60 Hz
Options Data logging software bls-995
Dimensions approx. WxDxH 160x230x110 mm / 6.3x9.1x4.3"

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