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Buchi Pressflow Gas Controller bpc

" Don't leave hydrogenation to chance ! "

  • Dependable and reproducible hydrogenation
  • Precise gas consumption measurement
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Consumption readout in Liters or mol
  • Data logging and remote control from PC

bpc_with_Bep1.jpg (38488 bytes)
(Reactor sold separately)

The �b�chi press flow gas controller bpc� provides the user with an instrument for unexcelled accuracy in hydrogenation. The �bpc� quickly provides the necessary data for scale up of laboratory hydrogenation processes to pilot plant or production.

The outstanding features of the �bpc� are:

  • Hydrogenations in the 1 to 400 bar (14 - 5800 psi) range can be fully automated

  • The consumed quantity of active gas is indicated in ml or mol. The measuring system precisely logs the consumption of the most minute quantities of gas.

  • The desired quantity can be pre-selected. The �bpc� automatically shuts off the active gas supply when the set value is reached.

  • The pre-selected reaction pressure is maintained accurately during the entire experiment.

  • An automated leak detector is integrated in the �bpc� gas controller. This detector immediately turns the unit off if explosive gases are detected.

Available Models


Here is how it works:

Phase 1 Phase 2
The purging process starts. The valve control system guarantees safe preparation for the laboratory test. The preparation phase is over. The exact volume measurement during the experiment with respect to P and T is guaranteed.

Schema 1

Schema 2

The lines and reactors are flushed with N2.
The logically designed system prevents dangerous pressure build up in the lines and in the reactor during the purging operation.

Solenoid valve (1) for the N2-purging operation is controlled manually by  the user. The purging mode is activated via the �purge� and �inert� control module buttons. Pressure reducing valve (2) reduces the N2 delivery pressure.
Filters and check valves provide additional safety.

The entire system is filled with H2 during the second purging phase. The instrument is ready for the experiment.

�bpc� is ready for the experiment. The user selects the desired reaction pressure and then checks to ensure that there will be an adequate gas flow rate.

The consumed gas volume is calculated from the numbers of solenoid valve cycles, pressure, temperature and volume of the calibrated reservoir (5), using the gas laws.

To protect the instruments, both reservoir solenoid valves (3) are never open at the same time. This prevents the occurrence of a pressure shock to the reactor.

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