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Buchi ChemReactors

" Transparent Technology "

  • Distillation
  • Azeotropic Distillation
  • Blending liquids / solids
  • Phase separation
  • Cryogenic operation
  • Rectification
  • Extraction
  • Crystallization
  • Heat treatment
  • Agitation
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Available Models

NEW:  Glass lined steel reactors available for -85�C operation !

Construction Characteristics

Reactor Vessel  
1. Coverplate / Glass Dome
GR15 - CR30-K:
glass cover dome for unobstructed observation of the inside of the reaction vessel
CR60(-K) - CR161:
Glass lined steel cover plate
Glass lined steel cover dome
Quick connect hand hole, 2 spare openings for gas inlet tube, pH electrode or sampling system

2. Glass cylinder
CR60(-K) - CR251

3. Jacketed bottom
GR15(-K): double jacket glass vessel with hemispherical or dished bottom
CR15K - CR251: jacketed glass lined steel bottom with dished end. Good heat transfer properties with heat transfer fluid or steam. Area around the bottom valve is heated. Mineral fibre thermal insulation

4. Agitator drive
Explosion proof high capacity three phase motor classified for Class 1, DIV 1, Group C&D. Stepless adjustable speed transmission with speed indicator. Electronic Rpm display and remote control available.
5. Coupling / Torque measurement
Flexible shaft coupling, torque measurement is optional

6. Mechanical seal
Rotating mechanical seal with glycerin as lubricant. Dry running lip seal available

7. Impeller stirrer
Three blade retreat curve impeller made of glass lined steel. Stirrs even small volumes down to 1 liter.

8. Baffle
GR15: reinforced glass tube
CR15-K - CR30-K: glass lined steel
CR60(-K) - CR251: glass lined steel with Tantalum tip
All baffles are equipped with temperature sensor (Pt100 RTD) to measure reactor contents even with small volumes.

9. Bottom drain valve
GR15 - CR101: Armour coated borosilicate glass / PTFE
CR161 - 251: glass lined steel / PTFE
Drain valves are flush mounted therefore there is virtually no dead volume. Valve can be easily dismantled for cleaning. Pneumatic drive and temperature sensor available.

Video Clip

"Reactor Vessel"



Glass Overhead

1. Feed Tank
GR15-K - CR60-K: round flask
GR15/CR60 - CR251: cylindrical, graduated. Intake line with valve and hose barb. Feed line with valve, reactor vessel inlet with dip tube. Second feed vessel optional.

2. Vapor Duct
Designed to be as short as possible. With temperature sensor (Pt100 RTD) and rupture disc.

3. Condensers
Spiral condensers with high condensation capacity, size matched to reactor capacity.
GR15: 1 main condenser, vertical
GR15-K/CR15-K: 1 main condenser, horizontal
CR30-K/CR60-K: 1 main condenser, 1 after cooler, horizontal
CR60 - CR161: 2 main condensers, 1 after cooler, vertical
CR251: 3 main condensers, 1 after cooler, vertical

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4. Phase Separator (not GR15)
For continuous separation of heavy phase (water) and light phase (solvent) in azeotropic distillation as long as the liquids are not miscible. Can be rotated 180�C for opposite flow direction. Temperature sensor for distillate temperature.

5. Condensate Line (not GR15)
Runs condensate from condensers to the phase separator, then back into the reactor or into the two receivers.

6. Receivers (GR15 only 1 receiver)
There are two receivers to take the distillate. With drain and vent valve.

7. Vacuum Manifold
The vacuum distributor connects the reaction vessel, feed vessels and receivers. With pressure/vacuum gauge.

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