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Buchi Gas Scrubber

" Purifies Effluent Gas "

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Compact design / mobile
  • Compatible with Buchi ChemReactors or any existing system
  • Visual monitoring of scrubbing process
  • Custom designs available



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Principle of operation

The effluent gas to be scrubbed initially flows through the round flask and through the absorption column from the bottom to the top.
A pump circulates the stripping fluid from the round flask to the top of the column and down the absorption column counter flow to the gas. This process strips the substance to be absorbet out of the efluent gas.

Available models

Scrubber Column diameter DN100
Sump 20 liter
(for reactors up to 50 liters)
Column diameter DN150
Sump 50 liter
(for reactors 100 liters and up)
Working pressure Full vacuum to +0.4 bar / 6 psig
Working temp. 0 to +80�C
Packing material Glass Raschig Rings
Pump Magnetically coupled, ETFE housing, PTFE turbine
Wetted Material Borosilicate glass 3.3 / PTFE / ETFE
Frame Galvanized scaffolding on wheels
Options Larger sizes are available upon request
Various packing materials
Stainless steel frame
Dimensions approx. LxWxH 900x900x2300mm
approx. LxWxH 900x950x2700mm

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