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" Safe handling of large high pressure reactors "


  • 350 bar at 350�C !
  • 1 liter or 2 liter reactor vessel
  • Sophisticated electrical heating / cooling system
  • Run reactions under supercritical conditions
  • Hydraulic lift for easy handling of heavy reactors
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Available Models

Limbo 350 LS

Metal Reactor
1.0 or 2.0 liters  / 0.26 or 0.52 gal

Working pressure 350 bar / 5075 psig
Working temp. max. 350�C
Agitator drive 3 phase 220 V, explosion proof, 1/2HP with On/Off switch,
belt drive with stepless adjustable speed transmission 0...2400 Rpm,
bmd 300 magnetic coupling with max. 300 Ncm/28 in-lb torque
Coverplate 8 Sitec high pressure connections: 4x M16x1.5 / 4x M20x1.5
Heating Electrical heating block 2100 Watts with integrated cooling coil for tap water,
thermal insulation with stainless steel cover, PID cascade temperature controller
fully programmable
Stand bll 150 hydraulic lift with vessel tilting mechanism
Accessories Set of spare parts including seals and bearings, set of tools
Options Pressure gauge, straight way valves, gas inlet tube, bursting disc,
various stirrers
Wetted material Stainless steel 316 / 660
Hastelloy C22
Dimensions LxWxH 700x700x1750mm / 28x28x69"


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