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B�chi mini-pilot 5 & 10 Liters

"Small scale pilot range for high performance applications"

The demand on High Quality equipment in smaller scale is increasing - reason enough for us to do, what the market is looking for. By integrating the outstanding features and proven technology of the �chemreactors� we developed the new B�chi �mini - pilot� reactor series for R&D, Pilot and small scale production.


Distillation / Rectification
- Phase separation of azeotropic mixtures
- Multi-component reactions
- Extraction
- Crystallization


5 or 10 liter glass reactor, interchangeable
- -1.0 to +0.5 bar / -60 (-90) to +200� C
- 0...350 rpm stepless adjustable agitator
- Dry running mechanical seal
- ATEX Zone 1 / C E / cGMP
- C IP capable
- FDA conform, highly corrosion resistant
- materials: Glass / PTFE / PFA
- Optional triple jacket on vessel


1" frame, stainless steel fits in standard
- laboratory fume hood
- Table model or mobile floor model
- Vessel lift for easy handling of glass vessels
Cover plate

- PFA coated steel cover plate
- Fast-action closure for solids addition
- Standard version with 4 NS tapered joint
- connections for common laboratory glassware
Glass overhead


Optional distillation overhead consisting of:

- 2 liter feed vessel
- Vapor duct with reflux splitter
- Horizontal spiral reflux condenser
- Phase separator
- 4 liter receiver vessel
- Distributor with gauge and vacuum connection
- Nitrogen connection

Easy interchangeable stirrers made of PFA and PTFE:

- Anchor stirrer
- Pitched blade turbine
- Retreat curve impeller

Available Models

Floor Model

Bench Model

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