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ChemReactors GR / CR15 to CR251

Buchi �ChemReactors� are equipped with see-through reaction vessels made of glass lined steel/borosilicate glass. Contrary to conventional reaction vessels, the glass used for the upper section enables the chemist to observe processes taking place inside. It also prevents residues from baking onto the smooth, unheated glass surface. more...


Volume Temp. Pressure Wetted material
15...250 liter
4...66 Gal.
-85�C optional
FV...+0.5 bar
FV...7 psig
glass lined steel /
glass /  PTFE

Mini Pilot 5 & 10 Liters

Small scale pilot range for high performance applications

The demand on High Quality equipment in smaller scale is increasing - reason enough for us to do, what the market is looking for. By integrating the outstanding features and proven technology of the �chemreactors� we developed the new B�chi �mini - pilot� reactor series for R&D, Pilot and small scale production. more...


Volume Temp. Pressure Wetted material

overhead1.jpg (20464 bytes)

Glass Overheads for large Reactors

Buchi builds glass upper sections for reaction vessels with more than 250 liters rated capacity. Planning and execution are handled in close cooperation with the customer. The flexibility of the system allows optimization to on-site space conditions. We can supply process technology calculations and plant layouts in the early project design phases.more...


Volume Temp. Pressure Wetted material
unlimited -50...+200�C FV...+0.5 bar
FV...7 psig
glass lined steel /
glass /  PTFE

Scrubber.jpg (33562 bytes)

Gas Scrubbers

The mobile compact gas scrubber is a simple design and can be used for many effluent gas purification purposes. In particular, for the purification of corrosive effluent gases from small chemical plants and studies/scale up.more...


Volume Column Size Pressure Wetted material
20...50 liter
5.3...13.2 Gal.
DN100...DN300 FV...+0.5 bar
FV...7 psig
glass / PTFE / PFA

Nutsche Filters

Glass nutsche filters are perfectly suited for filtration processes of corrosive suspensions in a sealed vessel under vacuum or slight pressure. These filters can be fully customized according to your needs. more...

filter1.jpg (46032 bytes)

Custom Designs / Examples

  • Stirred filter with reactor vessel and distillation condenser

  • 100 liter glass lined reactor with interchangeable low temperature Hastelloy vessel and Tantalum condenser. 

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