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" The Rotary Evaporator for Sensitive Concentration Tasks"

  • Manual or automatic vacuum control
  • Aerating valve control
  • Vapor temperature control
  • Speed control
  • Bath temp. and level control
  • Cooling water control
  • Programmable timers
  • Controlled vacuum pump to achieve best drying results
  • VAPCommander software tool
  • Floating flask reduces stress which results in safe and powerful distillation
  • Hydraulic dampening system to absorb mechanical vibrations
  • Special surface treated glass flanges for best vacuum stability

PilotVAP applications

  • Automated crystallizations
  • Designed for high boiling solvents
  • Concentration of extracts
  • Concentration and drying of products
  • Drying of powders

Technical data / Available models

  PilotVAP-10 PilotVAP-20 PilotVAP-50
Flask 10 liters 20 liters 50 liters
Condenser 1.2 sqm (1.6, 2.4 sqm optional)
Water bath Stainless steel with thermal insulation, 20...100�C, safety switch
6kW/220V three phase 12kW/220V three phase
Oil bath (optional) Stainless steel with thermal insulation, 20...160�C, safety switch
6kW/220V three phase 12kW/220V three phase
Motor Electronic speed control, electronic load control, safety switch, 
slow acceleration mode
Sealing system Ultimate vacuum better than 0.1 hPa
Solenoid valves PTFE / PVDF, other materials upon request
Controller PCU-1 speed, vapor temp., bath temp., vacuum, job processor, watchdog, 
programs can be downloaded from PC
Dimensions 1900x900x2200mm
Options Explosion proof version with pneumatic or hydraulic motor and
hot water/oil heated bath
Accessories Water jet vacuum pump, cooling system, trolley

Please note:
All PilotVAP systems can be upgraded to the fully automated / process controlled PowerVAP system.

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